MEC Christmas Show December 27th

Event details

  • Tuesday | December 27, 2022
  • 10:00 am
  • Mullingar Equestrian Centre Athlone Road Mullingar N91X456
  • Text Dorothy 0872488017

“Fantastic turnout for the final event of 2022 with riders competing from X-poles to 1.10mtr, all local Riding Clubs and Pony Clubs being very well represented at the show.

A massive thank you goes out to the entire team who made each show this year a great success.

The feature event of the show the Two Fence Challenge which started at 1.05mtr for 5 rounds up to 1.40mtr. The joint 2022 Two Fence Winter Champions Nicole Brennan on her 138cm pony “Sadie” and Nano Healy on his own homebred young mare “DNR Sally” both clearing the triple bar at 1.40m. taking the joint runner up spot Callum Duignam and his 148cm pony “Illan Dante”, and Willow Gavin and her 128cm pony “Grooves Like Jagger” both clearing the triple bar at 1.25m but being knocked out in the 4th round. It was a thrilling class, and all riders rode super making it all too easy.

Earlier in the day the annual Christmas Pairs relay was held, 9 pairs took on the challenge! Each team member jumping 10 obstacles as fast as they can without knocking a fence, in a relay events. A couple of the pairs really set the guns blazing as speed was no issue however just being caught out by 1 or 2 fences to bring home 4 faults for their team. Just 3 of the 9 teams came home with a score of 0 in the fault’s column.  See the full results below.

Thank you to everyone who supported the final show of 2022, what an end to a great year!! ”


~ Results ~ 

X-Poles Results.

Clear Rounds: Chocy (Archie Brennan), Bubbles (Nikita Hensey), Coco (Ryan Brennan), Polly (Tess Cosgrove), Darcy (Hayden Campbell).

40cm Results.

Clear Rounds: Selby (Ella McManus), Rosie (Emma Young), Ronaldo Bobby (Jay McCann), Coco (Ryan Brennan), Polly (Tess Cosgrove), Farmleigh Boy (Sadie Connolly), Twilight (Millie Cosgrove), Rosie Posey (Samantha Farrell).

50cm Results

Clear Rounds: Taillight (Millie Cosgrove), Rosie Posey (Samantha Farrell), Bella (Lilly Young), Bruno (JD Scott), Bubbles (Nikita Hensey), Mossy (Ciara Grenham), Prince (Eve Morrin), Ronaldo Bobby (Jay McCann), Woody (Hazel Brennan).


60cm Results

Winter League Champion – Spencer (Tara Campbell) winning the winter league on a total of 18 points. Second spot will 13 points, Mirah de Goariva (Lily Morgan). Third in the league on 11points Zephyr (Millie Cosgrove).

On the day: 1st Mazy May Blaze (Maisie Connolly); 2nd, Mirah de Goariva (Lily Morgan); 3rd, Zephyr (Millie Cosgrove); 4th, Sadie (Jessie Loughnan); 5th, Spencer (Tara Campbell); 6th Joey (Ruth Dennigan). Clear Rounds: Blue (Kayla McGrath), Cupid (Elisa Kelly).


70cm Results

Winter League Champion – Rosie (Nicole Geoghan) taking the win with 20 points in the final of the league. 2nd going to Jack (Laura Guinan) with 15 points. 3rd place of the league going to Whitehills Willow (Chloe Kelly) who finished up on 14 points.

On the day: 1st, Tommy (Nano Healy); 2nd, Lough Melvin Dale (Lily Morgan); 3rd, Mazy May Blaze (Maisie Connolly); 4th, Rosie (Nicole Geoghan); 5th, Moorefeilds Maverick (Ella Finnegan); 6th , Farmleigh Boy (Elsa Connolly); 7th, Gobha-n (Leiagh Sheridan). Clear Rounds: Croa (Lindsey Scally), Zephyr (Millie Cosgrove), Jack (Laura Guninan), Spencer (Tara Campbell), Sunny (Blathnaid Murphy) and Whitehills Willow (Chloe Kelly).


80cm Results

Winter League Champion – Sally Deas (Katie Kinahan) winning the 80cm winter league with a total of 18 points. 2nd place going to Whiskey Jack II (Blanthnaid Murphy) who had a final score of 17 ppoints and in 3rd spot Emi (Emily Guinan) on 16 points.

On the day: 1st, Saltre Imperial Commander (Mai Monaghan); 2nd, Drumcree Polly Pocket (Mai Monaghan); 3rd, Sally Deas (Katie Kinahan), 4th Emi (Emily Guinan); 5th, Peanut (Ciara Connolly); 6th, Barney (Lollie O’Neill). Clear Rounds: bob (Keira Lynch), bouncer (Kitty Shanahan), Joey (Sam Dennigan), Star (Ciara Dennigan), Prince peter (Lucy Reilly), Tom (Roisin Gilsenan), TLS Pebbles (Hailey Yore), Star (Noah O’Brien), Mister Ed (Aoibhin Clarke), Lucy (Bonnie O’Neill), Jackawho (Rachel Counihan), Dot the Dotty (Jan Dickson), Clark (Ruby Brennan), Tucker (Isla Brennan), Ballysooghan Jackpot Juno (Ben Roberts), Ballyrue Sky (Siobhan O’Brien) and Abbey Rose (Aoife Keegan).


90cm Results

Winter League Champion –  Sally Deas (Katie Kinahan) also taking champion of the 90cm winter league with a total of 21 points! In 2nd place Blackwoodland Larkspur (Phillipa Halliwell) with 14 points, in joint 3rd spot He’s a Cool Hand (Rebecca Joyce) and Emi (Emily Guinan).


On the day: 1st Real Cool Cruise (Maeve Duffy); 2nd, Jessie (Niamh Staunton); 3rd, Sooty (Evita Thomsen); 4th, Emi (Emily Guinan); 5th, Sally Deas (Katie Kenihan); 6th, Cruissan Gemini (Patricia Woods). Clear Rounds: Grey (Katie Dignan), Blackwoodland larkspur (Phillipa Halliwell), Pearl (Nicole Brennan) and He’s A Cool Hand (Evita Thomsen).


Metre Results

1st, Blackwoodland Larkspur (Phillipa Halliwell); 2nd Bendy (Phillipa Halliwell); 3rd, Beril (Keria Kelly); 4th, Illane Dante (Claumn Duignam); 5th, Grooves Like Jagger (Willow Gavin); 6th, Just Be Cool (Rachel O’Callaghan).

1.10m Results.

1st Illane Dante (Claumn Duignam); 2nd Amber (Caomihe Keegan); 3rd Bendy (Phillipa Halliwell).


Pairs Relay FULL RESULT.

1st Jack (Lauren O’Neill) and Barney (Bonnie O’Neill) representing the Kildare Hunt Pony Club.

2nd Whitehills Willow (Chloe Kelly) and Peanut (Ciara Connolly), Loughway Stud.

3rd Warrior (Miriam Keena) and Tom (Roisin Gilsnan), Kilrainey RC.

4th Timmy (Ellen O’Neill) and George (Mai Monaghan), Kildare Hunt Pony Club.

5th Electric (Ted Fagan) and Annie (Ryan Keaveny), Mullingar EC “Batman & Robin”

6th Benny (Alanna Fagan) and Perl (Nicole Brennan), Mullingar EC “Romy & Michele”

7th Foxhall Ranson (Willow Gavain) and Sunny (Blanthnaid Murphy), Mullingar EC “Thelma & Louise”

8th Emi (Emily Guinan) and Jack (Laura Guinan), Offaly Pony Club.

9th  Jackpot Juno (Ben Roberts) and Lulu  (Alanna Roberts), Offaly Pony Club.





Pictures of the Day