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Derby Day Results

Thank you to every one who supported our Easter Derby Day today. Fantastic course … well done to Robert & the gang for putting in so much work and imagination into designing the course. Thanks to Laura and all her ladies who kept the classes running ever so smoothly … and of course our excellent starter, Fiachra. Hope you all enjoyed the day and had lots of enjoyment…..

Derby Day in Mullingar Equestrian  Friday April 3rd

 70cm Derby

1st Keeva Maguire

2nd Katie Carroll

3rd Emily Connellon & Steven Tierney

80cm Pairs Derby

1st Robert & Vicki

2nd Stephen Tierney & Rhys Mc Carra

3rd Mai & Roisin Gilsenan

80cm Individual Derby

1st Emer Lyons

2nd Carolyn Matthews

3rd Ciara O’Neill

4th Tommy Ryan

5th Aileen Mc Dermott

6th Laura Bohan

90cm Pairs Derby

1st Misha Bushaway & Rachel Lynn

2nd Ciara & Katy Leavy

90cm Individual Derby

1st Anne Benson

2nd Robyn Fagan

3rd Misha Bushaway

4th Jill Booker

5th Chloe Fagan

Metre  Derby

1st Robyn Fagan

2nd Vicki Sherwood

3rd Michael Keavney

1.10  Derby   1st Ruairi Fagan