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RDS Pony & Young results from Mullingar

Great Weekends Jumping in Mullingar , thank you to everyone for your support and thank you to the support  team …judges, starters , course designers, arena party & everyone else who joined in to make the weekend such a success. !!! .               See you all again on June 3rd for 4 days  of non stop show jumping  action at out 25th Mullingar International Horse Show  Entries closing today for the International classes

Mullingar Equestrian Centre Results May 14th & 15th 2016

RDS Pony & YR Qualifiers May 14th 2016 .

1          148  A 1st Coppenagh Tom Sparrow ( Oisin Aylward ) S Aylward, 2nd Knockeraghery Prince ( Cian Harrison ( B Carroll), 3rd Castle Hill King( Kayleigh Soden ) C Soden), 4th More Clover ( Jason Foley) Foley Pony, 5th Acopello Z ( Harry Allen) Ballywalter Farm  , 6th Sambo Lino ( Robbie Clancy ) Gerard Clancy  7th For Kids Only ( Robbie Clancy) Gerard Clancy , 8th Stakkati ( Adam Carey ) Kieran Carey , 9th Orchids Vienna ( Sean Monaghan )  Miriam O Donnell 10th Vales Blue Melody( Kate Derwin) Ann Derwin

2          138 A  1st Western Oreo ( robyn Fagan) Joe Mc Mahon, 2nd Amber leaf ( Leah Stack)  Gemma Stack, 3rd Lisboy latte ( Seamus Hughes Kennedy) Clare Hughes, 4th Lily Clover( Trudie Hermoine Mc Coosh ) Alan Ivan Mc Coosh, 5th Future Memories ( Sarah Fitzgerald) Annette Fitzgerald, 6th Mulvin Rollover( Ruairi Clarke ) Jane Clarke, 7th Ruthstown Trooper ( Ciaran Byrne)

3          1.15 Children On Horses

1st  Calvade VD Pikkerie Z ( Annabelle Heffron ), 2nd Recolpa Rose( Mac Kenzie Healy ) 3rd Quantum Quest ( Theo Van Cauwenberge) 4th Doon Alright( Dan Geaney)

4          128 A  1st Buachaill Baire ( Francis Derwin) Ann Derwin , 2nd  Parc Epic ( Tom Wachman) Kate Wachman , 3rd Star Spangled Banner ( Katie Mc Entee( Louise Mc Entee), 4th Lisboy Black Magic ( Annie Gibson ) Caroline Gibson, 5th Kilcraathan Princess ( Jane Cassidy) ( Virgina Cassidy), 6th Boom Box ( Jack Geaney) Donal Geaney , 7th Hardmore little lighting ( Isobel hughes Kennedy) Clare Hughes  8th Remington Steal ( Max foley) Foleys Ponys, 9th Corwebstuds Black Jack ( Rhys Williams) Adrain Williams , 1oth Little Miss Big Time ( Martha Hughes Bravo) Marion Hughes,

5          148 6/7 year olds

1st  1st Keatingstown hunky Dory( Seamus hughes Kennedy) 2nd saxton Freedam ( Emma Mc Entee), 3rd Orchids Coryan( Leah Stack ) Gemma Stack), 4th Our Trendy Vivendi ( Peter Wall ) Paul Wall, 5th Kilroosky Boy (  Sorcha Monaghan ) Keith Murray , 6th Crafty Colours ( Jessica Foley) Walter Foley, 7th hurricane Spartacus ( Abbie Sweetnam ) Edward Mc Keon, 8th Springhill  Rebellious ( Kate Derwin) Ann Derwin


6          1.10 /1.15 Young Riders

1st Billy Cevelle ( Alberto Hawa Ascenio ) Gerg Broderick , 2nd Ulster ( Isabel Fitzpatrick) Harry Fitzpatrick) Harry Fitzpatrick, Rinn Ua Gcuanach ( Tommy Harty ) Helen Harty, 4th Calvaro Van De Rechri ( Christopher Connell)  Oliver Glancy , 5th Quito De Millie( Kevin Gallagher ) Kevin Gallagher, 6th The Dubliner ( Darragh Ryan) John Watters, 7th Carrenroe  Limited Edition ( Stephen Murphy ) Brian Murphy, 8th Fellow Castlefield ( Susan Fitzgerald) Sharon Fitzgerald, 9th Beau Bijou ( Allison Geary ( Claire Geary, 10th Lantino 31 ( Nicholas Connors ) Ann Connors


7          1.25 /1.30 Young Riders        1st Billy Cevelle ( Alberto Hawa Ascen) Greg Broderick 2nd Ulster ( Isabel Fitzpatrick) H Fitzpatrick, 3rd Rinn Mr Gcuanach ( Tommy harty) H Harty,  4th  Calvaro Van De Rechri ( Christopher Connell), O Glancy  5th Quito De Millie ( Kevin Gallagher) K Gallagher, 6th The Dubliner( Darragh Ryan) J Watters , 7th Carrenroe Limited Edition ( Stephen Murphy) B Murphy , 8th Fellow castlefield ( Susan Fitzpatrick) S Fitzpatrick

8        1.35/ 1.40 Young Riders 1st   CTS peanuts ( Adam Carey) K Carey, 2nd Tick Tock Tina( Tim Mac Donagh ) J Lee, 3rd Ballylynch Wizard ( Cormac Foley), C Henry 4th Trickin About ( Nano Healy) D Healy, 5th Kiwi Ludo ( Conor Mc Mahon) Ronnoco Jump Lt


Sunday May 15th

1              1.10      1ST Verdis Diamond ( Nicole Mc Ilroy) Adrian Mc Elory) , 2nd E Corletta( Rebecca Yorke) Greg Yorke , 3rd Garrison OBOS ( Jessica Kuehnle ) Kevin Thompson , 4th Karima Flight ( Kayleigh Soden) C harlie Soden, 5th 5th MHS Peyton ( Peter O Donovan), Kieran O Donovan , 6th All Action ( Mark Finnerty) Rory Finnerty, 7th GVS Captain ( Jack Ryan) Marguerite Ryan, 8th Kilmastulla Quality Touch ( Darragh Ryan) Tomas Ryan , 9th Hard Times( Ellen Hughes) Godfrey Hughes, 10th Jandini Van De Moeren ( Zara Sloan) David Sloan

2              1.20  1st lenamore Gideon ( Harriet Cooper) L Rayner, 2nd Longfield Trinity ( Derek Mc Connell) Sharon Mc Connell),

3              1.30 Bet Show Jumping Qualifier  1st Lenamore Gideon ( harriet Cooper), l Rayner, 2nd Mosstown Ernest ( Aaron Dolan)  A Dolan, 3rd Ballistic M2S ( Jennifer Kuehnle ) H Kuehnle, 4th Trickin Around( Nano Healy) D Healy , 5th Zack ( Vicki Anderson) O Anderson, 6th D rummilier Revolution ( Ciaran Ward ) C Mc Grath ,



80cm :  Midlands Rosie ( Shannon Kirwan) , Winterdown Romeo ( Elaine Butler)

90cm : Derg Masterpiece ( Aideen Kirby) , Armani Clover ( Brian Keegan), Annaghmore Shere Khan ( Sylvia Daly), Claddagh Royalty ( Victoria Foster), Conor Pass Lady( Devon Murray ), longfield quinlui ( Derek Mc Donnell), Brittas Babe ( Sinead Behan) , Winterdown Rebecca ( Nicola Jaye Corcoran) , Dothraki Warlord ( Derek Mc Connell), Winterdown Romeo ( Elaine Butler)

Metre : Verdi Valintina ( Christopher O Connor Finn), Creggaun Abbey ( Rebecca Yorke), V Postbaans Quickalme ( Vicki Sherwood) , Cairnview Ryans Touch ( Sarah Cleary) , Rebel Lass ( Abby Kate Durham ) , Flogas Bling Bling ( Drew Feery ) , The Dabbler ( Jennifer Kuehnle ) , Dunard Midget Gem ( Maeve Cuffe) , Waterproof ( Lisa Gerbola Bushaway) , Abel Star ( James Whyte), LGS Survivor ( Maeve Cuffe) , Wembley ( Liam Gaffney) , Ferguson ( Sarah Cleary )

1.10  1st LGS Survivor ( Maeve Cuffe),




128 70cm : Millfield Daz ( Kiera Mc Grath), Back In The Black ( Aoibhinn Power)

128 80cm : My Bay Star ( James Derwin), In It To Win It ( James Douglas), Ardfry Leonardo ( Ben Crawford ) , Tullibards Midnight Beauty ( Brian Keuhnle) , Baby Blue ( Aoibhinn Power) , Sparkles In The Rain( James Douglas)

128 90cm : 1st Glans Girl( Brian Keuhnle), 2nd Baby Blue( Aoibhinn Power) , 3rd Redcross apache ( Ben Cassidy) ,4th Oakland Magic ( Sophie Treanor) , 5th My Bay Star( James Derwin) 6th Tullibards Midnight Beauty( Brian Keuhnle)

128 Metre  1st Glans Girl( Brian Keuhnle)

138 Metre : 1st Little Rock Bang Bang( Hannah Mc Goldrick), 2nd tinnecarrig Ben( Brian Keuhnle) , 3rd Diamente Lashes( Roisin O Sullivan)

138 1.10 : 1st Triplicate(  Roisin O Sullivan( Diarmuid O Sullivan) 2nd Tinnecarrig Ben ( Brian Keuhnle) 3rd Quantum Midnight Gypsy

148 80cm Lochan Emma ( Theo Van Cauwenberge )

148 90cm Shady Lady ( Eoin Kelly) Little Rock Bang Bang( hanah Mc Goldrick)

148 Metre : Oona Phantom ( Louise Mahon )

148 1.10 : Mallmore Bobby( lauren Carroll) 2nd Ardfry Skye ( pataire Crawford ) 3rd River View Annie ( Hannah Mc Goldrick ) , 4th Oldthort Princess ( Kate Dilloughery ) Woodview Princess ( Caitlin Glennon )

148 1.20  1st Mallmore bobby( lauren Carroll) 2nd River View Annie( Hannah Mc Goldrick ) 3rd Lislam Picola ( Aimee Barry)