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Roisin Fagan & Ikan win the Mullingar Spring Tour

Roisin Fagan & Ikan winner of the Mullingar leg of the Connollys Red Mills Spring Tour with her two  wisest advisors …Edith O Sullivan & Margaret Fagan 

Torrential rain may have forced the cancellation of the third last round of the Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour on Sunday last but thankfully the sun burst through at lunchtime yesterday to make for a most enjoyable afternoon’s jumping for the re-run of this event. 37 starters took on the challenge over Tom Holden’s course with a very exciting jump off.

Thank you to all who supported the day and a big thank you to all the  team at the Show Jumpers Club & SJI who went out of their way to assist in every way possible to make the re-run possible with such short notice.


Mullingar Equestrian Centre

Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour

Results 15th April


1st Calendar Girl ( Sven Hadley ) H Dunn

2nd Queen Bee ( Richard Kerins)  P Hynes

3rd Dungar Clover Breeze( Sean Kavanagh) Devon Murray

4th Darrara Achilles( Louise Carroll ) Carroll Produce Ltd

5th Perviga V BareelhofZ ( Harriot Cooper) Lauren Rayner

6th Ecleftic ( Wesley Ryan ) Wesley Ryan


Ballycarrick Lass ( Lisa Gerbola Bushaway), Kinghts Bridge ( James Hogg), Glynnwood Uno Corland( Declan Edward Egan), Numero Cruise( Daren Hopkins), Monte Varo ( Richard Kerins)


1st Moon Zappa ( Declan Mc Evoy ) D Mc Evoy

2nd First Rouge ( Robert Harrison) D Harrison

3rd Calander Girl ( Sven Hadley ) H Quinn

4th CSF MR Kroon ( Declan Egan ) D Bourns

5th BLM Cosmopolitan Dandy ( Declan Mc Evoy) D Mc Evoy

6th Beech Hill Lucia ( Jenny Rankin ) D Bourns

Interpreter ( James Hogg), Craigmanus Hod UP Diamond( John Floody), Captain Hook ( Wesley Ryan), Arabella( Conan Wright), Clonfin Constant Spring( Robert Harrison), Queen B ( Richard Kerins) Knocknashammer ( Richard Kerins)


1st Ikan (Roisin Fagan) Edith O Sullivan

2nd Realt N Carraig ( Liam O Meara) Hadley Sport Horses

3rd Derryinver Luxury Cruise( Catherine Thornton ) D Campbell

4th Mr Coolcaum ( Liam O Meara) Liam O MEara

5th Riverland Roi ( Conan wright ) Bridge House Stud

6th Lotus S E ( Declan Mc Evoy) Declan Mc Evoy

7th Milano ( Catherine Thornton) Catherine Thornton

8thUllrich ( Thomas O Brien ) Niamh Keogh

90cm Master Keady ( R Kerins), Ardagh Airborne ( T Whyte), Ardagh Frenchie( T Whyte), Knockmeal Cosmos( L Fitzgerlad)

Metre( Come home Barney( Lisa Bushaway), La Mia Ragazza ( Zoe Whelan), Doolin De Reve( R Harrison

1.10 ( Doolin De Reve ( R Harrison),

148 90cm :Ruby Hero ( M Mealiff), Cool Pat ( S Monaghan), Glor Tire Cruise( M Mealiff), Essenar Gordi ( H Mc Goldrick)

148 Metre: Cool Pat ( S Monaghan), Kilpatrick Fionn Og ( R Fagan)

148 1.10 :1st Mt Bozz( Gavin Daly), 2nd Badger Hill Shadow( Alanna Taylor)

148 1.20 : Adja ( S Monaghan)

148 1.30 :Adja ( S Monaghan )